About Me

So you wanna know more about me huh?  You're very bored then... but okay here goes.

I'm a 29 year old country bumpkin from Alabama.

I started drawing when I was little (maybe 5 or 6 I dunno) but it wasn't until my teens that I actually had art 'classes'.  So I took basic Art in 7th and 8th grade, Advanced Art in the 9th and then took Commercial Art from 10th-12th Grade.

Yeah, you'd think I was a nerd in school but whatever.  Doesn't matter to me now cause I enjoyed it.  Go figure.

Okay, so how'd I end up making this blog and trying to sell "Christian Art" you might be asking?

Well, I was raised in Church, Church of God to be exact, but like most teenagers I thought I knew better than everyone and decided to do things my way after graduating in 1999.

Of course, by my way I mean the stupid way, and I basically gave up on Art and stopped going to Church as much as I should have.  The latter  being the stupidest thing one can do but especially dumb for me since I also felt called to preach in my teens as well.

(Yeah, I'm also studying to be a Minister but never knew how long of a process that was...)

Anyway, long long story short...

I gave my life back to Jesus Christ around 2005 and just in the past few months I've started trying to see if my Art has any potential to sell or not.

As for the preaching... well, I haven't started yet but I am still studying and love to have Bible studies, if talking about scripture counts as such, with my friends and family.

I may just make a separate blog for that or randomly post on this one with Bible studies.

Now along the years I've learned valuable lessons, grown a lot and have also become the father of a sweet baby girl named Rachel.  I may even post some of her artwork on here from time to time because she, like I did early on, loves to draw any and everything.

I'll end this the way I end most every message I send online...

God Bless,