Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Sell Your Christian Art Online?

There's a great feeling that comes from sitting down, pencil in hand, while you let the creativity flow... but then it happens.  Your stomach growls from hunger and t make it worse you go to look in the fridge and discover the power is off because the bill wasn't paid.

HA yeah, that wouldn't be too much fun and I really feel sorry for anyone that it's happened to.

In all seriousness though, it's all well and good to create beautiful works of Christian art but then what?  Surely you don't want to keep it all to yourself??

No... of course not.  If someone offered you a reasonable amount of food, I mean money, of course you'd take it.  Right?

I hope so.  Otherwise there's no point in reading on.

Now I gotta tell you right off that I'm not some big and famous, "I've sold millions and YOU CAN TO" type person.  I'm not going to feed you that line.  What I am going to do, however, is just tell you the tips and other things I've seen that may help you out a little.

  1. Supplies - Make sure you are using a good grade of paper and mediums.  This sounds like a given but you'd be surprised.  Although your Crayola colored pencils and printer paper are fine for practice work, you may want to rethink selling it to a collector.
  2. Clean It Up - Your artwork may need touching up in any places that you wouldn't have noticed before the next step... it's about to be picture time.
  3. CHEESE! - Well, a picture's worth a thousand words and here's where hopefully you'll take a picture that will take a collector's breath away.  You want to take a well lit, high res picture and you may even want to take quit a bit of 'em at different angles and such.
  4. Research Art Websites - Now here's where I can and can't really help you.  I can name sites, yes, (Etsy being the main one I know) but that's because of the ones I researched it's the one I went with.  The reason I can't recommend more is because I felt it best, and this is my advice, to not over do it by submitting work to every one you find.
  5. Now you just sit back and continue the process of 1-3 while praying and hoping step 4 was the best one for you to have picked.

Now you may have wanted more advice and if you did I'm sorry.  As I mentioned before, I'm not an Art guru or anything.

Some could say there's steps I missed but I feel like my approach is easy and doesn't require too much from someone.  I've never liked feeling stressed and if you over complicate what's supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, all you'll do is feel like it's a job when you haven't even sold one thing.

At the end of the day it's about God's will anyway.  If he wants your Christian Artwork to sell, he'll lead you in the things to do and places to go.  Above all the steps above, I hope you pray daily and ask God for his will in your life.

If you do that first and foremost, then that's going to be better than any advice I could have given because I base my advice on yesterdays examples but he knows tomorrow.


  1. thanks for sharing! I am new this scene and just that bit of advice helps me